11.03.2020 - Issue 185 - The One With The Hovercraft Shoe

The age old story of a cyclist who crashed into a cactus patch and came out looking like a pin cushion. Issue 185 - The One With The Hovercraft Shoe Give Us This Day Our Daily Thread... Tuesday, November 3, 2020 Issue #185

The amazing Stella from Denver is the winner of the $30 Patagonia gift card for October referrals! A new $50 giveaway (yes, we really want those referrals) for November started yesterday, but I (or perhaps the IT guy..cough cough) messed up the referral links yesterday and we're still trying to sort it out using the new platform, so maybe hold off until we give the thumbs up. :)

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Parents And The Outdoors: This Film Will Make You Rethink Every Parental Decision Adventure photographer Chris Burkard's 'Unnur' is a gorgeous meditation on one Icelandic father's decision to raise his daughter (way, way) off the grid. I'm not sure how many of our TDT readers are parents, but I know I'm always questioning my decisions as a parent, so I know exactly where he's coming from. I think the best thing we can do as parents is to continue to follow our passions and hope that our children see that and it inspires them to one day follow their own passions. (4 min read and 19 min movie)

Source: Outside Online

Rad Gear: HOKA Just Reinvented the Hiking Shoe What's the hype: HOKA has referred to the TenNine Hike GTX as half hovercraft, obviously referencing the heel stack design, and half hiking shoe. Why is it rad: The silhouette is specifically designed to propel you forward and make hiking feel noticeably smoother. This long-distance hiker is designed and engineered to reduce weight so you can hike comfortably all day long. And the colors are pretty rad too. How much: $250 USD Competitor: Salomon, Quest 4D 3 GTX ($290 USD) Coordinates: Buy, Instagram, Twitter Source: Trailspace

Outdoor News and Info

Holly Courtier (lost hiker mom) Case: Investigators Probing GoFundMe Scheme

Hmmm...a GoFundMe scheme, I seem to recall I mentioned that in yesterday's newsletter. ( 2 min read + 30 sec video)

Source: ABC30 Fresno

Sneak Peak Into Vail's New Ski Pass Reservation System

Fingers crossed no reservation system where we are. Vail wants to share a quick refresher on Priority Reservation Days vs. Week-Of Reservation Days. (4 part tweet incl. 1 min video)

If we want more companies like Patagonia, we need laws to enforce it

Just as greenwashing refers to environmental buzzwords used as hollow marketing ploys, woke-washing describes brands co-opting the language of social justice movements and activism to appeal to socially conscious shoppers. (5 min read)

Source: Fast Company

Online Cycling Virtual Championships

2020 UCI Cycling eSports World Champs heads to Zwift's Watopia in December. For those not in the know (me), Zwift is an online cycling platform and Watopia is the virtual world they've created for the championship, a 50km course with 483m of total climbing. They're all provided with the same bike, so I assume it's more regulated than that guy beside me in spin class that only gives a half-hearted turn on his tension when the instructor tells us we're going up a hill and it's time to crank it up. (2 min read)

Source: Bikerumor

Quick Links

Teachers! It's not too late to sign-up for Outdoor Classroom Day on Thursday!

Zion National Park Is transitioning to fall and winter operations,

Planning a ski vacation during the pandemic? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Bowhunting couple charged in Nebraska’s largest poaching case ever.

Lunch Break Videos

OUCH: Biker Hits Cactus Patch

As you know from Issue 183 I love Cactus videos. This one is the age old story of a cyclist who crashed into a cactus patch and came out looking like a pin cushion. (20 sec video)

River Surfing After A Rain Storm

I like to party outdoors but the opening of this video gives me wave anxiety! Skip to around minute seven to see the fun actually start. (17 min video)

Wolf Creek Opening Day

I guess they got some Halloween snow like us - Not every resort opens with this much terrain and this much powder! (4 min video)

Gear Reviews

The Best Snowboards of 2021

Men's Base and Midlayers for Every Kind of Adventure

Outdoor Research Trail Mix Cowl Pullover Review

Deals On Gear

Trade In For Winter: Arc’teryx Used Gear November

50 Best Backpacking Gifts Under $50

Live From The Wild


A Covid-19 quiet Everest base camp - @jimmychin



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