The most versatile shirt in your closet

Buck Mason: Perfect White Oxford

Buck Mason Perfect White Oxford

Fashion changes fast but style is forever. If you don’t have a white oxford button-down in your closet, you need to remedy that. Yesterday. Your trusty Oxford will work just as hard as you do. It’s comfortable with a suit (no tie… trust me). It’s comfortable with chinos and jeans. Roll the sleeves up or roll them down. No matter how you wear it, the Oxford never disappoints.

This one from Buck Mason is 100% custom cotton and pre-washed so it’s already super soft when it hits your closet for the first time. We believe in “Look good, feel good” at The Daily Thread. You’ll definitely feel good wearing this shirt. It’s contoured and tailored to make you look as good as possible. Go ahead, we won't judge you if you buy two. We might do the same.