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Vans: UltraRange HI DL MTE

Wet feet are the ultimate killjoy. And since you can’t wear rubber boots everywhere you go, Vans decided to make the most handsome rain boots ever. High top kicks and dry feet when it’s wet? That’s a combo we can get behind. MTE stands for mountain edition and utilizes waterproofing stalwart Scotch Guard.

These kicks also feature UltraCush technology. No, this is not a secret storage compartment for the devil’s lettuce. It’s the most heavenly footbed we have ever experienced in a shoe. Our founder, Ryan, swears that he once wore his UltraRanges for over 24 hours but when he took them off, he put 'em back on because they are so comfortable. Whether you believe that or not (we don’t) you better believe the shoes are comfy, not to mention handsome. Live in the arctic tundra? Get a pair with the sherpa lining.

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