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Taylor Stitch: Lodge Sweater

the taylor stitch lodge sweater made from yak fur

Anybody can wear cashmere. Really, you can afford it. We’ll show you soon. But this isn’t cashmere. This is 100% baby yak. Each year, a yak sheds some of its undercoat. Taylor Stitch sends a couple of interns to wander through the Tibetan mountains like Ben Stiller in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. After the interns smooth talk through customs with suitcases full of baby yak hair, Taylor Stitch makes a sweater softer than a baby kitten that’s more environmentally responsible than cashmere. It also boasts greater durability and a higher warmth-to-weight ratio.

Jersey stitch construction can be casual with your favorite jeans and a leather moto jacket when you need to look dashing for a date or dressed up under your go-to suit. Double thick neck ribbed neck and cuffs combined with Taylor Stitch’s legendary Repair or Replace Guarantee ensure you will love this for years.

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