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The Ridge Wallet

the ridge front pocket wallet is the best wallet we've ever owned

You carry your wallet everyday, so it’s gotta work hard for you. But it’s also gotta work smart. That’s where most fall short. There are wallets that hold everything you need and then some, but they’re so big your friends tease you about your purse. Then there are minimalist wallets. So minimalist that all you can fit inside is two Tic Tacs and a used strand of dental floss.

The Ridge Front Pocket Wallet is the perfect blend of the bulky bifold thicker than a juicy double cheeseburger and the minimalist wallet that leaves you wondering where you’re supposed to put everything you need. In the words of The Ridge, “Minimalist but not limiting.” We agree.

In fact, we love The Ridge wallet so much that until something better comes along (and we’re always open to suggestions), we will never recommend any other wallet on The Daily Thread. And no. The Ridge is NOT paying us to say that. We just love ‘em. If you think you have a better one, send it to us. We’ll conduct thorough testing to crown the champion.

Store up to 12 cards using an innovative elastic strap that feels secure with 12 cards and secure with 1. Keep yourself safe from identity theft with RFID blocking aluminum plates. Always keep some cash on hand with either the money clip or cash strap. We prefer the cash strap because it’s thin, but since the whole wallet is modular, you can change your mind any time. And even though it’s overbuilt (we like overbuilt stuff), it still has a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

Because we're just that nice, we got you a discount.


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