Rainbird, Freebird what's the difference?


Finisterre: Rainbird Jacket

One thing every man needs is a reliable rain jacket. Buy the right one and it will serve you for years. Finisterre, “born from the needs of hardy British surfers”, should be one of the first places you look. The Rainbird is their finest rain repelling creation.

The 2.5 layer shell is 100% recycled polyester with a touch of stretch. Water sealed zippers toughen up the weakest part of any jacket. Reverse entry side zip pockets give you safe access to your stuff without impeding your arms. And when you’re done, it packs up into its own pocket. The best part of all? It’s fluorocarbon-free, so you can feel good about donning this when the weather goes all Perfect Storm on you.

Cold rain soaking your clothes is one of the fastest ways to ruin an epic adventure. We know we can trust the Rainbird jacket because it was made by and for tough British surfers who can surf better than we can walk.

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