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Drew Carman was once a road warrior playing 150+ shows a year. For 5 years, his band The Corduroy Road toured with the likes of The Avett Brother, Futurebirds, and Trampled by Turtles. In 2013, Drew moved to Austin, TX to step away from music and pursue a career as a designer. But playing music is in Drew's DNA. So he's back on the scene with his first EP, Wilderness. We happen to be big fans of Drew's music and his style. Here are a few of his favorite clothes and of course, his best songs. Enjoy

Jacket: The Chore Jacket from Everlane

Drew's Notes: It's lightweight, inexpensive, durable, and tough. It's also responsibly made clothing.

Hats: The forgotten outdoor essential

Drew's Notes: Maybe a Justin or Ariat?...really, it's whatever they had on the rack at our local feed and seed. They're like 20 bucks and a must-have when outdoors in Texas...regardless of whether it's winter or summer. I wax the top and brim with Otter Wax so it's water-resistant.

Drew's Daily Pocketknife: Mercator K55K

Drew's Notes: They've been made in Germany since the 1850s. Thin, so you can't ever tell it's in your pocket and simple but very well designed: folded sheet metal, rivets and good German steel blade. Best knife I've ever owned.

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