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March 4, 2020


Fayettechill: Livingston

the fayettechill livingston hoodie

In a mythical land far away (Colorado), there is a store. The name of the store is not important, but here's a hint: 🍆

In this store, some of the finest performance hoodies in the world are produced. The problem? They can only be bought in one place. Leadville, CO.

I once diverted a 50 passenger bus through Leadville just to get one. I'd been waiting for years. There were some forest fires blocking our intended route. So I provided an alternative.

The point is, unless you find yourself in Leadville at 10,152 feet elevation, you can't get a hoodie. Until now.

Our friends at Fayettechill developed a hoodie made from the exact same material (recycled Polartec). It's got the same unique hood. It's got the same pouch front pocket. And it's got the same athletic fit. Oh, and it's also made in the US of A. Seriously. They'll show you the factory.

But you know what? We think this one is even better. Two reasons. There are thumb holes in the arms. 10/10 for that. And even better, you don't have to go to Leadville to get this one.

You just have to hit the button down there. Go head. Do it. You can get 10% off your first order. Ladies, check out the Leah. It's the same thing with your sizes.

- Ryan, Curator of Cool at The Daily Thread

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The King of Stand Up Paddleboarding

karl kruger doing what he does best, paddleboarding

When you're at the office wishing you were at the beach this Summer, Karl Krüger will be paddling his way through a 1,900 mile section of the Northwest Passage. It's big, it's cold, and it is far out. It stretches from the Bering Sea off the Alaskan Coast to Baffin Bay on the northeast side of Canada.

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