100% Wool Sweaters from a British Legend

March 5, 2020


WoolOvers: Country Zip Neck

a man wearing the woolovers country zip neck picks up a bale of hay

Every man in the world should own a grey zip neck sweater. When it’s time to dress up, it'll get business done with a button down and a tie.

When it’s time to dress down, a grey sweater over a white tee oozes confidence and style. If you start to get toasty, use the built in ventilation and zip down the neck.

This sweater is made from 100% pure wool. Is it soft? You bet it’s soft. Softer than an ice cream sundae in July. Rib trims and a leather zipper pull add just the right amount of class to this rugged workhorse.

Don’t be afraid to push this to your limits. Wool is a perfect material for the great outdoors because it stays warm when wet and naturally odor resistant.

Thanks to everyone who guessed about the eggplant emoji. Melanzana is the name of company that makes the hoodies. It's also the Italian word for eggplant.

Rob, a perfusionist from South Carolina, buzzed in first. But shoutouts are boring. So we got him a $10 Amazon gift card. Enjoy Rob!

Everyone else? Brush up on your Italian and better luck next time.

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