Custom Flannels, The Coldest Night of My life

March 9, 2020


Grayers: Tartan Heritage Flannel

the grayers flannel shirt made from a custom cut cloth. and a guy wearing it with a sno surfer

England: the 1930s. Specifically Oxford and Cambridge Universities. For years, the norm has been three piece suits. Quite formal for everyday wear don't you think?

One day some young, iconoclastic chap decided it was time for a change. He wore some gray flannel trousers instead. Right then, the casual menswear movement was born.

That's where Grayers gets its name. You probably wouldn't have guessed that. You probably also won't guess where Grayers buys their flannel.

They don't. They make it themselves. These flannels are woven in house from 8.7 ounce cotton. That's heavy. And heavy is good.

Softest flannel you've ever touched. Guaranteed. Don't worry though. It's still tough as nails. Grayers doesn't use the word 'heritage' lightly. You'll have this one for good long while.

The Coldest Night of My Life

I've been sick for the last week. And I hadn't slept outside since September. Those two things reached a boiling point at 1pm on Friday (I'm writing this on Sunday). So I decided to go camping.

Weekend Check In

We're a family here. Reply to this email and let us know what you did this weekend. Send a picture if you have one. With your permission, we'll share your rad times with The Daily Thread community so we can get to know each other better.

Beer Review

It's like peer review. Get it? Nevermind. We've got some serious beer nerds among us. Here are the top tasters of the 100 best breweries.

  1. Kit from North Carolina, 34/100

  2. Dan from Delaware, 22/100

  3. Dave from Illinois, 20/100

We love it when you reply to our emails. And sometimes we even send gift cards to people who reply. Our mean lawyers won't let us send Kit a gift card for drinking the most beer but keep an eye out for future questions. We love hearing from you.

-- Ryan, Curator of Cool at The Daily Thread

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