European Leather boots fit for Steve McQueen

March 10, 2020


Astorflex: Greenflex in Dark Brown Nubuck

Astorflex shoes have been handmade in Italy by the same family for six generations. Quality comes standard. They also make our favorite chelsea boots.

Like those chelsea boots, these boots start with European leather aged for 30 days in a natural mixture of water, oak bark, and powdered mimosa.

After aging, the leather is paired with a natural rubber sole that feels more like a custom foot mattress than a boot sole. Everything is all natural. You can feel good wearing these and look good.

One of our favorite words is patina, pronounced Pu-tee-nuh. Patina is the unique color and sheen that fine leather will develop as you stomp around town. It makes the shoes uniquely yours.

With boots suited to adventures like these, we can’t wait to see how you earn your patina. Snap a pic of your favorite shoes and send it to us. We'll share it with the rest of the crew.

Weekend Check In

We loved seeing your pictures from the weekend! You may remember Kit from North Carolina because he was our most experienced beer drinker. He's had something from 34 of the top 100 breweries! Here's what he got up to this weekend.

Kit's weekend picture including beer and the new range hood

"Brews, Steaks and Building the hood. All in a weekend."

Beer: The Product double IPA from Short Throw Brewing in North Haven, CT

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