Endure, Master Wayne

March 16, 2020


Hey friend, Ryan here. There's some serious stuff going on in the world right now. I hope you're taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family.

But in this time, I also believe we need to laugh. Need to be distracted. With all the headlines intended to scare you, I intend to entertain you.

So this week at The Daily Thread will look a bit different. There's no recommended clothing today. And I'm going to write something to entertain and distract you every day.

If you find this to be a welcome distraction from the constant drone of despair from the media, sent it to a friend. They'll appreciate it.

So for today's story, I present to you, The Uncommonly Interesting History of the Fanny Pack. You'll never believe what The Rock had in his fanny pack in that picture.

dwayne the rock johnson wearing a fanny pack filled with poptarts and condoms

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