Hamilton isn't the only field watch around

March 19, 2020



a blonde surfer wears the VAER C5 during a surf session

Want an American made watch but can’t afford the American Documents from yesterday? Or maybe you just didn’t like the design. It’s not for everyone.

Simplicity is beauty. This watch isn’t gonna tell you all sorts of things you don’t need to know. It’s going to tell you the time. And it’s going to do it in all situations.

You want to go snorkeling? It’s got a screw down crown so it’s as waterproof as possible. It’s safe down to 100 meters. Who needs to go 100 meters underwater anyway? And who even knows how far 100 meters is?

Fun fact: the screw-in crown was patented by Hans Wildorf. Don’t know old Hans? You’ve probably heard of Rolex. That's Hans.

Old school design, super tough durability, and ready for all occasions. It comes with a silicone strap when you need to get wet and sandy. Then you can pop on the American made Horween leather strap when it's time to class it up. Our favorite boots are made with Horween leather. Why not our watch straps?

You have two strap options: single pass or quick release. We chose the single pass because it's super secure. But we've heard the quick release is a bit more comfortable.

Ever smashed enough gravity together to make a black hole?

two gravity points smashing together and sending particles everywhere

Gravity Points is our new favorite time waster. You get to plot centers of gravity and watch the particles run. Keep clicking to make bigger ones. Smash them together to make black holes. What's not to love.

Open the controls and jack the particle number up to 500 for the most fun. You're stuck inside all day anyway. May as well waste some time on the Internet.

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