America's Most Important Export...

March 20, 2020


When you shop local, 68% of what you spend stays in your town. When you shop at the national chains, only 43% stays.

Our current situation sucks. You know, the once in a lifetime pandemic? It has the potential to kill lots of local businesses who just don't have the cash to shut down for a few weeks.

Today, we aren't recommending a specific piece of high quality gear. We're recommending that you support your local businesses.

If your favorite restaurant is still doing carryout, chow down. If your favorite shops sell gift cards, pick up a couple. This could be the difference that lets the owners keep putting food on the table. And it could be the reason your favorite dog groomer keeps trimming Old Yeller's claws.

The coolest thing we've seen any local business do is one that is near to one of our loyal reader's hearts. Trevor Furbay is reader Jeff from Cincinatti's soon to be step father. He's also a bad*ss tailor.

Yesterday, Trevor hosted the world's first virtual trunk show. In an Instagram story, he posted over a dozen shirts, gave each a number, then gave you his phone number so you could text him which shirt you wanted.

The shirts were all Mizzen & Main. That's a stellar shirting brand if you didn't know. If you bought three, you got 20% off.

Hats off to Trevor. He turned a bad situation into something super innovative. Magazines have already reached out to interview him about the virtual trunk show.

If you don't have a favorite local business you would like to support, we ask you to support Trevor. For your friends in Cincy, Trevor does gift cards. If you're more of a selfish person (we get it), Trevor was shipping for the virtual trunk show.

Check out the Trunk show here and check out his website here.

SDISBAWAHI = Social Distancing is Boring and We All Hate It

the gorge amphitheater in george, washington during a concert at sunset

Once this whole Coronavirus thing blows over, we're going to have some serious catching up on our social calendar. Live music is something we'll be glad to have back.

We compiled a list of the best music venues in the US. There's big cities, small cities, and cities in the middle of nowhere (see the above picture).

Reply to this email and let us know which ones you've been to, who you want to see, and what venues we missed from our list.

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