Time machines, exploration backpacks, and the Terminator

April 2, 2020


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Thursday Threads

I promised you our amazing gear recommendations weren't gone. They are happening once a week now. That once is Thursday.


a man wearing the PRVKE pack hikes up a hill to take an epic picture at the top

The PRVKE pack is an incredible exploration backpack. The main compartment is accessible three different ways. You don't even have to take it off for one of them.

Pockets are everywhere you want them. I stash my passport and extra cash in the secret pocket against my back. The small pocket at the top is great because it's got a felt interior that's perfect for sunglasses.

The water bottle or tripod holder zips onto the bag when you aren't using it. You can unzip the laptop sleeve and fold it out so you don't have to remove it at the airport. There's even a stash pocket on the bottom for a rain cover.

I grabbed the Essential camera cube with mine so I could tote my camera around. There really aren't many great backpacks that can handle a couple miles of hiking with a camera. That's why I love this bag.

It's also incredibly waterproof. I wore it around Vancouver for two incredibly rainy days last December. My gear was dry. I sure wasn't.

From the journal of The Daily Thread

V is for Vinyl

There's a big problem in the world today. It's not what you're thinking of.

We don't know how to slow down. Everything you could ever want is right at your fingertips. Sometimes, we just need to slow down.

Enter vinyl. Still the coolest way to listen to music. Slow down and appreciate the music.

But getting into vinyl is hard. Vinyl snobs don't want to teach the game to noobs.

Lucky for you, your favorite human guinea pig (that's me) took the plunge for you. Even luckier for you, I'm willing to share what I learned. The whole hog is on The Daily Thread journal. Here's the bare bones:

Why You Should Get into Vinyl

Listening to vinyl is an investment. It takes extra time to set up the music and you have to focus on what you are doing. No absent-minded song skipping until you get something you like.

Putting in that work is therapeutic. It feels like an art. It feels like you're in a movie.

Aside from that, it's just cool. People love to see a turntable. It's an awesome conversation starter and a memorable way to set the mood.

Why You Shouldn't Get Into Vinyl

Vinyl is expensive. The super basic setup I have cost nearly three years of Spotify Premium. And I have to pay anytime I want a new record.

It's also a lot of work. Remember that therapeutic setup I mentioned? That takes 1-2 minutes. It doesn't sound like a lot. But when you can use Siri to queue up Kanye's new album, 2 minutes of manual labor sounds like a lot.

You Definitely Need This Stuff

Where Can I Get Records?

My favorite place to get records is a record club. A little guy sits in a room all day listening to music. When he finds something he thinks I'll like, he mails it to me.

That's not really how it works but that's what it feels like. I use the Magnolia Record Club and they are awesome. This month's record is Reunions by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. You'll recognize the song "Be Afraid" from yesterday's video.

You can also get records at a local vinyl store if you have one. And of course there's always Amazon. You know they sell everything.

How Much is it Going to Cost

The basic gear I have cost $300. Then I spend $27 a month on the record club. It's a whole lot more than Spotify Premium (I'm actually an Apple Music guy...)

But it's my favorite way to listen to music. I have to work to get it playing and it forces me to really lean into the sound. Plus there's just something about putting on some records. It transports me back a couple decades.

So yeah... $300 is expensive. But it's the cheapest time machine I've ever found.

Small Business Rescue

Do you operate a small business? What about your friends? The CARES act could be a game changer.

My friend Sam is one of the smartest people I know. His team wrote a guide for how this can help small business owners. If you know any, please send this to them.

More Good News

Arnold Schwarzenegger donated a million dollars worth of protective equipment to hospital workers in LA. Thanks Arnold.

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