Another day, another legendary pair of shorts

April 15, 2020


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You Can't Kill These Shorts

I only own two pairs of shorts. Yesterday I showed you my get wet shorts. These are my stay dry shorts. Don't worry, they're always clean. I've got three pairs of each.

a man wearing patagonia stand up shorts stands in front of mount fitz roy in patagonia south america

In 1972, Patagonia wasn't even called Patagonia. It was called Chouinard Equipment. What started as Yvon Chouinard making gear for family and friends turned into the largest climbing equipment supplier in the US.

They also sold rugby shirts. The tough fabric held up on climbing walls. Climbing equipment sold well, but they couldn't keep the rugby shirts in stock.

Yvon wasn't content with tough shirts. He needed some tough shorts. Using #10 canvas duck (used for lawn furniture) and a sewing machine made for leather, he fashioned the first Stand Up Shorts.

Why the name? When the shorts were finished, they stood up on their own. These days they're a little softer, but still tough as nails. You can read that story and many others in Yvon's book, Let My People Go Surfing.

Anyone in leadership at a business should read it.

With 10 ounce organic cotton, Fair Trade sewing, and a double reinforced butt Stand Up Shorts weigh in at almost 1 pound! I guarantee they'll be the toughest shorts you own. Unless you're into wearing chain mail. Don't worry, they're comfortable too.

In college, I crashed a bicycle riding 20 mph in some Stand Ups. I slid for about 15 feet. See the result below.

Ryan: 0 Stand Up Shorts: 1

P.S. I only see 7 inch inseam online right now. But I like the 5 inch. Look everywhere. I've gotten mine from Patagonia, Backcountry, and a thrift store!

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