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April 21, 2020


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Release the Hounds

By hounds, I mean your arms. After a nice winter, they should be nice and pasty white. It's time to change that.

the grayers milston shirt in herringbone from milworks with some swanky boots and pants

I used to mock short sleeve button downs. I thought they were for the nerds. I was wrong. That said, I'm also a huge nerd.

Short sleeve button downs are one of life's finest pleasures. You can be handsome and put together, yet still comfortable and cool. Even when it's 100ºF. Those days are coming. For some readers, they've already reared their ugly head.

Cold weather is the best weather. You can't convince me otherwise.

Who better to make the perfect short sleeve shirt than Grayers? The Milston is super soft, breathable, and a subtle pattern rounds out the look. If I were a fugitive hiding on a tropical island, I'd wear this shirt every day.

For keeping it casual, pair this with shorts or a swim suit. If an occasion arises, toss it under a lightweight navy blazer with some chinos. Wear it any way you want.

Just be careful about tucking it in. That's advanced stuff.

Very Right & Very Wrong

P.S. I follow tons of boutique shops and style influencers on Instagram to find stuff for this email. Many of them (like Milworks selling today's shirt) are in Milwaukee, WI. This leads me to get tons of restaurant recommendations and ads for Milwaukee.

It's really making me want to go. Is Milwaukee awesome? Should we have a Daily Thread meetup there? Let me know.

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