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April 27, 2020


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The Other Shorts

Last week I told you I only own two pairs of shorts. This was a mistake. I have one more. Please forgive my goof. I haven't been at my house for 7 weeks (thanks Coronavirus) and I haven't worn them in 7 months (thanks cold weather).

Allow me to introduce to you the Free Fly Hybrid shorts. My standup shorts are perfect for rock climbing and fixed speed riding. My baggies are perfect for all things water and wherever the wind takes me. But when it's time to kick back, there's nothing like my Hybrid shorts.

The inside is bamboo. Why does that matter? Because it's softer than a pomeranian puppy.

The outside is stretchy and breathable (important). It's also moisture wicking - good for sweaty summer scorchers - and quick drying - good for when your immature friends push you off the dock. There's also 50 UPF sun protection built right in.

If you plan on chillin' and grillin' in the near future, do it in these. Don't be turned off by Free Fly marketing. They're selling to fisherman. But I haven't fished in them once and I still love 'em.

P.S. If you get the 9.5 inch inseam you're dead to me. Kidding. But 7.5 inch is where it's at.

a man wearing free fly hybrid shorts leaning against a bar and having a good time