April 29, 2020


Time to Read: Two minutes

Marching to their Own Drum

Taylor Stitch has always done things different. They got their start peddling shirts door to door, like Girl Scouts and cookies. They always choose the environment over profit. And when they want to launch a new product, they use an internal "Kickstarter" called the Workshop.

Here's how it works. They design, you preorder because you think it's rad (and get a discount for funding), then they use the money to ramp up production. In a couple months, you get your shirt.

That's right. A couple months. Remember what I said about Taylor Stitch being different? The Workshop works for them because they don't have to raise money and can stay small. It works for you because you get a 20% discount and an awesome piece of gear before anyone else.

Today, I'd like to direct your attention to a new piece in the workshop. Funding has been so popular that you won't get it till mid-August, but hey, that's the way Taylor Stitch does things. The Workshop has raised over $15 million since it's inception.

And thanks to Taylor Stitch's Stand Small sale, this shirt is even more than the usual 20% off.

This is a short sleeve take on Taylor Stitch's classic California shirt. It's cut from organic 'pin-wale' corduroy and just dressy enough for the office. If we ever make it back to the office.

There's no annoying button down collar or pleats. And it's hemmed to just the right length. Tuck it in or don't. I prefer untucked.

If you didn't know, Taylor Stitch was born from a desire for shirts that fit. The brand was inspired by a co-founder's dad. He returned from a Hong Kong business trip with a custom dress shirt. It fit better than anything his son had ever seen.

So lil' Mikey set out to build a brand. True to the roots, this shirt is built to fit. It's tapered to fit snug (not skinny) all around and the armholes are high. The California short sleeve may look casual, but it's sharp as a tack.