This challenges one of style's most iconic names

April 30, 2020


Time to Read: Two minutes


Yesterday we talked about Taylor Stitch's brilliant workshop. I can't wait until August to get the shirt. Yesterday afternoon I received my first item from the Workshop.

We talked about it a couple months ago, but after trying it on, it was so good I had to remind you.

Bonus: It's out of the Workshop and on the shelves, meaning you don't have to wait two months to get it like I did.

a man wears the taylor stitch shop shirt in indigo boss duck. Which you should buy

Let me reintroduce you to the shop shirt. In indigo boss duck. It's good in the picture, it's beautiful in person.

The fabric and the stitching feel so tough I challenge The Austrian Oak himself to tear it apart. Shop shirt is an apt name. I'll never fear when wearing this in the workshop.

If toughness doesn't sell you, how 'bout the name Stetson? The harbingers of haberdashery teamed up with Taylor Stitch for this bad boy. Stetson ain't a one trick pony.

Like everything from Taylor Stitch, the fit is impeccable. 2% spandex allows the shop shirt to move with you. Torn seams? Thing of the past.

Apparently this was built for the workshop, but if we ever get out of our houses, my shop shirt is going to see plenty of action. Farmer's market? Check. Brewery? Check. Days that end in Y? Check.