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May 4, 2020


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A Hat for Warmer Weather

Neal Caffrey is one of my heroes. I don't want to become an internationally renowned art thief -- watch the show White Collar if you're confused. I just want to dress like him.

Neal's got style. His signature pieces are designer suits, Italian silk ties, and hats. Apart from the occasional Zoom wedding, I don't have much need for designer suits and silk ties, but I dig the hats.

The Internet will tell you fedoras are for jerks. The guy that hits on your girlfriend at the bar then gets belligerent when you let him know she's with you? Probably wearing a fedora.

I disagree. Let's all be a little more like Neal. Does this guy look like a jerk?

If you're only going to wear one hat, it's gotta be Stetson. Nobody does hats better.

The Alimeter fedora is made of one of The Daily Thread's favorite materials -- hemp. Inside, you've got a beautiful sheepskin sweatband. The outside is adorned with a leather strap and an equestrian inspired bit.

Stetson is an all American company. The Alimeter hat is made in Garland, TX. Is there anywhere else to make a hat?