Coco Chanel called this 107 years ago...

May 6, 2020


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When Coco Chanel Speaks

This may not seem like the typical Daily Thread style suggestion. I can hear the rants now. "What is this? Some preppy Instagram account?"

Keep an open mind. It's good enough for Paul Newman, David Beckham, and the 19th century French Navy. This sweater's earned a place in your closet this summer.

American Trench's Nautical Stripe sweater is inspired by the Breton shirt. In 1858, the French Navy adopted the Breton as their official uniform. True Bretons are dictated by strict standards - twenty one 20mm white stripes, 21 10mm blue stripes, 15 of each on the sleeves.

Legend has it the number of stripes corresponds to Napolean's victories over the British. It also made sailors easier to see when they went overboard.

In 1913, Coco Chanel brought Bretons to civilian life. It's been a rocket ride ever since.

American Trench sourced their 100% Egyptian cotton from Filmar in Italy. Let's just say Filmar is the Ferrari of cotton. Once they get the threads, American Trench spins it into this sweet sweater smack dab in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

They don't call themselves American Trench for nothin'.

The final product is this incredibly soft and lightweight Summer sweater. Apparently AT's cofounder has been wearing his non-stop since mid April. I hope he's washed it.

Not like that's difficult. It's machine washable. And also on sale. Use code AHOY