From Power Ties to Water Buffalo Slippers...

May 11, 2020


Time to Read: 1 minutes, 45 seconds

He Quit Big Law for... Sandals?

While on the phone with a subscriber this weekend, he told me sending you a snazzy blazer while we're all cooped up inside was a little uh... tone deaf.

He's right. We don't really need Sunday brunch blazers right now. The same subscriber hasn't worn a button up shirt in months!

To make up for the blazer, here are some inside shoes. Guaranteed to upgrade your work from home experience - but still wearable when you crave fresh air so badly you need to take a walk.

Mohinders aren't your average shoe company. The founder, Michael Paratore was a bigshot corporate lawyer. On a trip to India, he bought a pair of shoes from a street vendor. An obsession was born.

It didn't take long for him to quit his job and head back to India. He roamed the country searching for someone who could manufacture the shoes. He discovered an unlikely source.

A nonprofit organization who manages over 170 artisans in rural India.

Michael put the artisans to work making his shoes. But he also helped the nonprofit set up savings accounts for the artisans. They had been going into debt to buy leather for the shoes.

Because of Michael's dedication (and warming temperatures), you can swap your slippers out for Mohinders. The naturally tanned leather molds to your feet and develops a beautiful patina over time. And the natural crepe rubber sole will have you walking on clouds.

Mohinders are entirely handmade - using 37 steps. Michael places a huge emphasis on sustainability. The shoes are made from water buffalo hide. But Michael has established traceability protocols and only uses leather from water buffaloes that die of natural causes.

The leather is tanned using acacia bark and myrobalan seeds - an Indian technique passed down for generations. Get a glimpse into the creation of your Mohinders with this 45 second video.