The Biggest Discount The Daily Thread has Ever Sent

May 13, 2020


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Approved by the 8th Hottest State in the USA

On Saturday morning, I drove out of South Carolina for the last time. I lived there for five years. There's a lot of great memories. But my favorite thing from the Palmetto State has to be Free Fly.

Free Fly's based in Charleston. They know a thing or two about heat down there. Tanner, Jenna, and Austin - all related - were frustrated with performance apparel.

It was either too complicated. Who really needs 87 pockets? Or it was too uncomfortable. Can confirm. I've seen 80 grit sandpaper softer than some fishing shirts.

So Tanner took his sister Jenna and her husband Austin out for the second best BBQ in Charleston. He convinced them to quit their jobs at Nike and move back to Chucktown to sew bamboo shirts. Boy am I glad they did.

a man wears the free fly bamboo shoreline shirt on the beach while petting his dog

The long sleeve bamboo tee launched Free Fly. So Tanner decided to give it a nautical revamp and throw some stripes on it.

This tee is made with Free Fly's famous bamboo blend. It's so soft. I've never worn marshmallows as clothes but I imagine it wouldn't feel too different.

It's super breathable. So though it's a long sleeve, you can rock this tee all summer long. Speaking of sun, it's got built in sun protection. A must for any good outdoor shirt.

Don't make my mistake. Leave yourself a little room because the tee will likely shrink during the first wash.

P.S. Sign up for Free Fly's email list and get an additional 15% off!

P.P.S. Have you been to Charleston? What do you think is the best BBQ?