Fire stick of death

May 15, 2020


Time to Read: 8 minutes, 10 seconds

The Everywhere Bag

You need a tough bag for adventures. They get smashed in the car, tossed by airport baggage handlers, and loaded up with heavy gear.

Leave it to the ultimate gear maker to make the toughest bag around. This is the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel. From the scorching sands of Death Valley to the heights of the Andes, this bag is ready.

a woman pulls a patagonia black hole duffet out of the trunk of an suv

The exterior is a burly ripstop and water resistant recycled polyester. I've had all sorts of gear poke the sides. An accidentally opened pocket knife couldn't even punch through.

Like the exterior, the interior lining and side webbing is 100% recycled material. Speaking of side webbing, use that to lash bags together or any gear you need.

The inside is super roomy. And there's a mesh pocket for small items. When you're done, the bag packs into itself using the pocket just above the Patagonia logo. When not storing the bag, this pocket is also useful for small stuff.

Carry it with the button snap padded handles or throw on the included padded backpack straps. They're not a bother when not in use. I leave mine on all the time.

Before this, I'd never owned a duffel that doubled as a backpack. I gotta say, it blows the traditional one strap out of the water. For long walks - like the airport - two straps make the weight much more manageable.

Get ready for the last duffel you'll ever need. I've lived a week out of mine.

Two more things not about toughness or quality:

  • Patagonia tells you exactly where this bag is made. This comes to you from Vietnam.

  • It's the REI anniversary sale, meaning you can get this bag for an incredible 30% off. Make sure to check out the other deals. This is the best time of year to stock up on gear.