Do you like Huevos Rancheros?

May 21, 2020


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The Mullet Polo

Few companies live and breathe outdoors like Howler Brothers. Based in Austin, TX, they're about 160 miles from the beach. Yet the brothers - no blood relation - take deep inspiration from the waves.

On a surf trip in Costa Rica, Chase Heard and Andy Stephanian were startled by the call of a howler monkey - the loudest animal in North America. This inspired their motto - Heed the call.

What does that mean? Get out there. Enjoy the quiet sports. Live in the moment and do things the right way.

a man on a boat wears the howler brothers ranchero polo

If a regular polo is George Washington - refined and elegant - the Ranchero polo is Teddy Roosevelt - rough ridin' and full of personality.

One thing that's not rough is the cotton. It's softer than a soft hackle - any fly fishermen among us? And it's got a straight hem because let's be real, the only place to tuck in a polo is the golf course.

Chain stitched Western yokes will set you apart from the basic boys at the brewpub. When just about every guy there is rocking a polo or a short sleeve button down, you gotta do something to stand out.

As the Howler Brothers say: cool up front, fiesta in the back. Fiesta on my friends.