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June 1, 2020


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Rail Meat

In competitive yacht racing, the lowest ranking crewmembers sit on the rails of boat. This helps a sailboat be as fast as possible during turns and wind changes.

In 1990 (long before every brand around sold technical fabrics), a guy named John was railmeat. After the 24 hour race, John set out to make some pants that were actually good for adventures.

He did. And in honor of his formative experience, he named the company Rail Riders.1

a man wearing the rail riders adventure shirt ties up some fishing line on a boat

These days Rail Riders makes a bit more than pants. Check out this shirt for example.

Yeah this guy's fishing in his. But it's called the Adventure Top. Wear it for whatever you want. My suggestions? African Safaris, hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, or just grilling in the backyard.

The Adventure Top is made with a super lightweight fabric blend as soft as pima cotton. Sun protection is also built in for long days outside. And mesh down the arms and torso keep you cool, even on the hot African plains.

All these technical features are great. But the Adventure Top really shines in its unique look.