Winnin' in Linen cause it's softer than a Kitten...

June 2, 2020


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Mollusk Surf: One Pocket Shirt

We talk about performance a lot. Sun protection, stretchy fabrics, water resistance. That's all great. But sometimes, you just need to chill.

a man balances a surfboard on his head while wearing a blue linen shirt on a beach

In the Summer, there's no better chillin' fabric than linen. All the cool kids wear it: James Bond, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Pine.

Why will it change your life? Because linen is super lightweight. In other words, you can wear a long sleeve linen shirt in a South Carolina Summer without the urge to jump into the Arctic Ocean.

It's also such a handsome look. When everyone else is wearing ironic tee shirts and tanks, you'll get all the attention.

Hang on a second, Mr. Daily Thread, doesn't linen wrinkle? Sure it does but I don't give a rip van wrinkle. You know when - how should I say this - people of advanced age claim their wrinkles are proof of experience?

The wrinkles on your linen are proof of good times.