New and Incredibly Limited...

June 9, 2020


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VAER: Diver Watch

Yesterday was bad news. Today is good news. What is it?

The boys over at VAER are releasing a new watch!

That's right. First they conquered field watches. Now they're taking on dive watches. Up next? Pocket watches. Kidding...

While they usually make watches at a 10ATM standard, VAER upped the ante this time with a 20ATM case. This means as long as you can handle the pressure at 656 feet, so can your watch.

From there, choice is the name of the game. You'll get to pick two bands - including VAER's first metal band. After that, you'll pick US or Swiss manufacturing.

And of course the most important part of the watch is the face. You'll have five options there.

It is worth noting that these choices are only available to early adopters. After that, you'll be at the mercy of what your peers chose while you stood and watched - get it?

Choice isn't the only motivator. There's also the generous 30% discount for early adopters.

One more thing. Early adopter spots are limited to 1,000 watches. Ryan and Reagan (VAER founders) tell me spots are going quick.