If Land Rover made Pants...

June 10, 2020


Time to Read: 1 minute, 3 seconds

Proof: Rover Pants

These pants are named after Land Rover. Need I say more?

a man wears the proof rover pants while reaching onto the roof of his jeep

For those of us who live to seek adventure, pants matter. They're something you choose with care because you depend on them.

The Rover Pants have a workwear look combined with high-performance features. Huckberry head of photography Alex Souza wears them at the rock climbing crag and in the backyard garden on the same day.

Engineered. Not a word normally applied to clothing. But like the famed Land Rover, these pants are heavily over-engineered.

First, they're super breathable. Crucial for summer adventures. Second, they stretch. My favorite style of rock climbing is stemming - basically a split between two rock faces. Without stretch fabric, it's impossible.

Add in super durability, moisture-wicking fabric, and classic looks you won't find in any other performance pant and we've got a winner.