Summer's Secret Sauce

June 16, 2020


Time to Read: 1 minute, 1 second

A Day's March: Linen Overshirt

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Linen is the secret to staying cool this summer. Both kinds.

model struts while wearing a day's march linen overshirt in the khaki color

The linen overshirt from A Day's March is 100% pure linen. It's so lightweight you could wear it over a tee shirt, a favorite look of mine. But it's great alone too.

Exterior patch pockets emit a subtle workwear style. An inner pocket is a great place for sunglasses.

There are three color options this season. Olive is a great look that says "I'm going on a safari!" Khaki is an awesome light color that will go with just about everything.

I think this would be a perfect beach shirt. But the truth is you can wear this just about anywhere you need to go this summer. Even that's just the couch.