Connected. Not distracted.

June 17, 2020


Time to Read: 1 minute, 30 seconds

Kronaby: Nord

Phones are the most addictive drugs on the street today. Kronaby's on a mission to keep you connected to the things that really matter - not distracted by the stuff that doesn't.

man sits at table working while wearing kronaby nord watch

Some folks (looking at you watch snobs) don't like smartwatches. To them, looks are everything. Apple watches have great design, but even a simple Timex has better "true watch" design.

By foregoing screens, Kronaby made a normal looking watch. The case is a beautiful stainless steel and the band is vegetable tanned Italian leather.

Don't be fooled. Using the Kronaby app, you pick which notifications you want to receive. A text from your wife? That's a yes. A weekend email from Bob at the office? Save that for Monday.

When you've been sitting for too long, Kronaby reminds you to get up. It also keeps your step count. In the morning, fine tuned vibrations wake you from slumber.

Alright enough of the boring health features, let's hear about the cool stuff. Kronaby connects to your phone to take pictures remotely - no more awkward selfies! It controls your music. You can geotag awe inspiring locations to remember adventures.

For the tech savvy, Kronaby is If This Then That compatible. For the non tech savvy, that means you can brew coffee or open the garage straight from your wrist.

All of these slick features without a screen. I really dig Kronaby's slogan: Connected. Not distracted.