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Thursday | June 18, 2020

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Mountain of Mystery

men climb mount everest on a sunny day

Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Sherpa Tenzig Norgay reached the Everest summit in 1953. First ascents of huge mountains bring great honor to a country.

That's why for 30 years, England had sent expedition after expedition, desperately trying to be first. Some believe George Mallory and Sandy Irvine made the summit in 1924. But as they disappeared in an unknown accident, they couldn't tell us.

National Geographic sent a star studded team, including renowned filmmaker Renan Ozturk up the dangerous mountain to find the truth. Here's what they found.

This story is a National Geographic exclusive. For non subscribers on an iPhone, open the link in Safari and quickly switch to reader view. In Google Chrome, open the story then click the "X" to stop loading the webpage very quickly. Read it - 20 minutes