Sailing with Taylor Stitch


Friday | July 24, 2020

Today's email is guest curated by Luke "Shakenbake" McAlpine, Director of Partnerships at Taylor Stitch. Luke's a Coloradoan at heart and a Californian in spirit. When he's not slinging responsibly built menswear for everyone, Luke's on a perpetual quest for all things outdoors. Rumor has it he stayed up until midnight last night to listen to Taylor Swift's new album.

Alright, that was me. But hey, Bon Iver joined Taylor for a song and Adam Dessner from the National co-wrote eleven of 'em. Plus I always confuse Taylor Swift and Taylor Stitch...

P.S. Sorry about the email you may have received last night from our Viral Loops account. To save you some time, I generated a unique referral code for you. Check out the prizes at the bottom of today's email.

What's it Take to Cycle Mount Everest?

lachlan morton during his june everesting attempt

Gaining 8,848 meters on a bicycle, AKA Everesting, is the hottest cycling trend. And as with any task, crazy athletes around the world are hellbent on doing it the fastest.

Lachlan Morton earned the record in June. The quest was tumultuous. His first attempt was disqualified due to bad elevation data. And less than a month later, he lost the record. Lucky for us, Lachlan's brother Angus, a skilled photographer, came along for the second attempt. Read it - 3 minutes