The best hour in ultrarunning


Thursday | August 6, 2020

For the first time since I started covering outdoor news, I have no bad news to report today other than a few broken surfboards. And someone made a Gofundme that replaced them anyway! Have a great Thursday everyone.

Best Waterfall Hikes in the USA

upper yosemite falls in yosemite national park california

We’re drawn to waterfalls. The air around them feels fresh and rejuvenating, and science shows they have a calming effect on our mood by altering our serotonin levels. Catching the view from a lookout is all right, but earning it on a legit waterfall hike is really where it's at. Here's 8 waterfall hikes, from less than a mile to more than 20. I'm only 3 for 20. Reply and let me know your waterfall score. Read - 3 minutes