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Wednesday | August 19, 2020

Best Beach Camping Spots

campfire on a beach

Camping on the beach is something special. Waves gently lull you to sleep. Unspoiled sunrises wake you each morning. And the views go toe to toe with the best mountaintop campsites.

Most beaches don't allow camping. But if you know where to look - AKA let me do it - you can have yourself a great time. Read - 6 minutes

Rad Gear: Recycled Utility Button Down

man wearing united by blue recycled utility button down

Let's be real, we haven't been that kind to the Earth. Clothes especially are a huge waste of resources. My friends at United By Blue know how to treat the Earth. Their utility button down is a 100% recycled blend of hemp, organic cotton, and polyester. Fun fact: organic cotton uses 90% less water than conventional cotton.

But materials aren't everything. Sustainable or not, my clothes need to look good. This shirt fits the bill perfectly. Plus, I get excited just thinking about all the stuff I could put in that nifty chest pocket.

United By Blue also knows how to treat their friends - that's us. Use the code DAILY35 to get 35% off the shirt! Get - 35% Off