Captain Marvel vs. Grand Teton

Friday | August 21, 2020

Good Morning! Some readers responded to the Canadian surf video and reminded me that we can't go to Canada right now. I know this and hope you're all staying safe too.

But I believe it's good to have stuff to look forward to. And The Daily Thread is an escape. Please enjoy the escape.


100 Climbing Route Names

handwritten rock climbing route names in a notebook

There's been a lot of talk recently about changing offensive rock climbing routes. And these aren't sissies complaining that a route's called "Wet Farts." They're shocking, sometimes racist, sometimes lewd, disgusting names.

They've gotta go. And here are 100 great ones to take their place. My personal favorite: Hedgehog Defibrillator. Who can that offend? PETA? Read - 6 minutes