Monday | August 31, 2020

Making the Outdoors Accessible

mo jackson in front of her bipoc camping kits

Cost is a major contributing factor to the reason some sports are called "white sports." Camping, and the outdoors in general, are definitely in that category. But not if Mo Jackson has anything to say about it

Mo put together a couple camping kits and sent them out to low income familes. Then she thought bigger and launched a GoFundMe. Now she's raised almost $100,000. Read - 5 minutes

Creekbound and Down

knox hammack dropping kayak off huge waterfall

There's nothing more exhilarating than dropping a kayak off a huge waterfall. At least, that's what the crazy fools who do it say. I'll leave it to them.

Follow a couple pro kayakers on an epic road trip to find the USA's best whitewater. And it's produced by Teton Gravity Research. So you know it's good. Watch - 23 minutes

Live from the Wild

australian coast instagram photo

@tiffpenguin | Australia

rocky mountain national park instagram photo

@flightlevelfoto | Rocky Mountain National Park

road in the dolomites instagram photo

@manuela_palmberger | Dolomites

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