The Roundabout Cyclist

Tuesday | September 1, 2020

Happy first day of September! Cool weather is coming. I'm stoked because I think Fall's the best in every way. Time to break out boots, jackets, and sweaters. Bring it on.

- Ryan

How to Have a Good Morning

mountain biking down a huge rock

For most people, your morning workout isn't fun. It might be a groggy jog. Or an on-demand bootcamp. Maybe a Peloton sesh if you're one of the cool kids.

But sneaking in some single track mountain biking before heading to the office? AKA kitchen table - thanks Covid. That sounds fun. Now I just have to move somewhere cool. Watch - 2.5 minutes

The Roundabout Cyclist

roundabout century strava data

See that Strava data? That's not a bored cyclist trying to draw a bird's nest. It's a bored cyclist who decided to ride a double metric century (140 miles). In a roundabout - you know, those things nobody knows how to drive in?

I found this on Reddit and asked the cyclist to write a quick story for us. Read - 4 minutes

Live from the Wild

faroe islands instagram photo

@darylswalker | Faroe Islands

new hampshire island cabin instagram photo

@erubes1 | New Hampshire

dog at mount rainier instagram photo

@casaramoon | Mount Rainier National Park

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