09.22.2020 - Issue 161 - Back From The Dead

Tuesday | September 22, 2020

Greetings everyone and thank you for all the kind wishes after I sent my “almost” final email on September 2nd. I appreciate the outpouring of support for The Daily Thread and I am here to tell you that I am working with a new partner to keep the content alive and the newsletters coming.

I am working with the good Canadian folks at MTN LUV (www.mtnluv.com) to merge The Daily Thread brand with their new start up. Kirsten at MTN LUV is based out of Panorama, British Columbia, Canada, right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We share the same love for the outdoors and protecting the environment.

At least initially, content will not be flowing daily but we will be trying to up the frequency over time. We anticipate that The Daily Thread will become MTN LUV’s weekly newsletter so don’t be surprised if the next email comes from Kirsten@thedailythread.co. Hopefully, The Daily Thread will become daily again but for now it will be a paradox...a weekly thread called a daily thread...should be fun!

I would love to hear your feedback at ryan@thedailythread.co. Check out the new folks at www.mtnluv.com.

Stay tuned for formal introductions to the new team members coming soon. We want you to stick around but if you are not comfortable with these changes or anything else, just hit unsubscribe at the bottom.

-Ryan Sneddon