10.05.2020 - Issue 164 - "every day I write the book"

It's Monday and we are back. I hope everyone had an adventurous weekend. Yes, me and Elvis Costello, every day in your inbox. I'm attempting to get TDT back to a weekday daily starting today and, if I fail, I'll try again next week. The format will be shorter than the weekly Friday edition but will cover all the latest news and views.

I received some good feedback on the content from Friday's edition. Keep it coming, even if it is a one liner like, "no more fat bear articles". Seems everyone really likes overlanding, off-roading and vanlife type stuff. Remember, you can reply directly to this email and give me quick feedback on likes and dislikes.

Ok, let it rip.

- Kirsten

The Death Of Powder

Bike, Powder, Snowboarder, and Surfer Magazines Shut Down: I am sure I would get no debate when I pontificate that no industry has been more disrupted by the internet than print media. On one hand, I love reading magazines when off the grid, relaxing at camp, but there are definitely sustainability issues on all levels with mass distribution of paper...from cycle of life, recyclability and scope 3 carbon emissions. However, on the coffee table in front of me I have the latest Adventure Journal and what I call the Canadian version of Outside Magazine, Explore. I am nostalgic about magazines. At one point in my 20's, I had some weird magazine subscription that delivered 15+ titles to my apartment each month. Everyone thought it was crazy (and that was the mid-90s). I am sure Powder was probably in that pile.
I'm not going to pretend that I truly understand their business model, but clearly the old publishing model no longer works. Magazines can't survive simply by offering paid ad spaces to brands. So this leaves only two options for magazine publishers. They can stand their ground and believe in the power of print or accept that print is no longer the be-all end-all, and evolve. The internet is about "eyes on content", they make great content, and, remember "we the people" are the product...the content is no longer the product. Our engagement gets people paid. Read - 6 min

Rock You Like A Hurricane

Rowing across the Atlantic: Not just rowing across the ocean, but rowing during hurricane season. This is a father and son duo, 41 and 17 years old, and they even built the boat. How did the 17 year old have time between snap chatting and tiktoking? So far, they have covered 6,850km, and have just over 1,100km left before reaching Barbados. Read - 1 min

Your Daily Greens

Patagonia's new mission to save planet Earth: "The progress Patagonia has made with respect to materials sourcing is admirable, but so is its willingness to share its playbook, which includes suppliers, mills and manufacturers. A skeptic could view this openness as simply good PR — or scoff at a company divulging its secrets to the competition. But the way Stanley sees it, if other brands adopt and evolve these practices, the big winner will be the most critical player in this game: planet earth". Read - 10 min

Outside News

Outdoor stuff worth sharing:

Pay to play: I must be living under a rock because this is the first time I have heard of #OptOutside and it's been happening for 5 years. Apparently, REI closes its doors on black Friday, sends its employees into the wild to play and pays them! Check out the letter from the CEO. Read - 2 min

Total recall: One thing I like to have with me when I'm climbing is a rope. Full disclosure, I am not a huge climber but when I picture myself climbing, it is with a good quality rope. Double check the serial numbers on your ropes people as there is a big recall underway. Read - 2 min

Roof work: In Spring 2019, Edu Marín accomplished what was thought to be the impossible: free climbing one of the longest, hardest routes in the world, all upside down. They filmed the experience and called it Valhalla. Super duper scary. World premier was October 2nd. Check out the trailer. Watch - 2 min

Temperature Check: For those of you adventuring in different parts of the world, this could be interesting. Thanks to Reddit user Set711 for posting this climate comparison between North America and Eurasia. Read - 3 min

Overlanding Tesla?!?: We are amateur overlanders. When I say amateur, I mean we look for the worst roads in the backcountry, drive them for several hours in our Jeep, and then camp beside a river or lake. We just don't have the time right now for a week long adventure. Anyway, apparently overlanding EV style is coming soon. Read - 1 min and then view for 8 more.

Monday Motion

You can tell me in your feedback if it's too early for snow sports, but I'm already dreaming of some fresh powder. "Oh Boy" was filmed in the interior of British Columbia and is basically lots and lots of snowboarding on wonderful winter pillows around Golden and Revelstoke...just an hour from my home. Watch - 19 min

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