10.21.2020 - Issue 176 - The One With Cougar Guy Part 3 And 14 Year-Old Ski Phenom

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Little Shredder

Kai Jones, who just turned 14, and recently signed with Red Bull, is now defending his title as one of the most notorious young people on the slopes, tackling descents most adults would never dream of attempting. Need a visual? Watch - 5 min

Olympic-Sized Environmental Concerns

Photo by Kazuo ota on Unsplash

Tahiti (the village of Teahupo'o) is the site for the surfing competition for France's 2024 games. Two irrelevant facts that I had to look up on Wikipedia: 1) Tahiti is part of French Polynesia. 2) French Polynesia is a semi-autonomous territory of France. Okay, let's move on. The people of the village of Teahupo’o are delighted and support hosting Olympic surfing but they’re also worried about the impact it will have on their home. Read - 4 min

Outside News:

The Lost Mom Part 2: Our most popular link from yesterday deserves an update, but a statement released Monday by Zion National Park, regarding the recovery of a woman who was missing in the park for nearly two weeks, sheds little light on how she got lost and survived. Sheds little light is an understatement. Something fishy with this one, from what I have read it would be difficult to get lost for even a few days there. Read - 1 min

Cougar Guy Part 3: Cougar lovers say the media’s reporting on the video misrepresents cougar behavior and unfairly stigmatizes an animal that is rarely aggressive to humans...say what again? Read - 4 min

Covid Ultra-Runners: This year’s Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra was held a little differently due to COVID-19. The race was conducted in groups organized by country and was staggered over the course of the weekend. The premise, however, was the same... racers run until they can't any longer and the last person still running wins. Read - 2 min

The Lama Guys: Ernst & Young announced that co-founders of Cotopaxi (one of our favorite companies here at TDT) were named Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 Utah Region Award winners. "Cotopaxi is founded on a unique impact-driven model, and we are committed to not only creating products and opportunities to facilitate outdoor adventure but also to humanitarian work and substantial accountability for brands and individuals in their everyday consumer choices." Read - 3 min

Outdoor Kids: Studies have shown that time spent outdoors is positively connected to key mental health and well-being outcomes, especially for children. Here's why we should all support outdoor programs for youth: Read - 3 min

Winter Boots FAQ: It's a good time to go out and get your winter hiking boots before the shelves are bare, like in the spring with the 1st Covid wave. Here's an FAQ, a bit on the long side but easy to read. There's also a discussion of microspikes vs. crampons, for those who were asking ;) Read - 8 min

Tsunami Waste: Last year, Japan’s environment minister said that the only way to deal with massive amounts of treated radioactive wastewater was to “release it into the ocean and dilute it.” It all sounds bad. Read - 2 min

Lunch Break Videos:
Todd Ligare Drops Mindblowing Alaskan Spine. Watch - 5 min
How Fast Can A Bike Go Anyway? Watch - 9 min
A Criminal Ski Short. Watch - 9 min
Pro Surfer Breaks Down Surfing Scenes from Movies. Watch - Watch - 19 min

Live From The Wild

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