Issue 189 - The One With The Patented Ballpark Pouch

Rain kinda rained all last week... no offence to those who live in Vancouver/Seattle and love that sort of thing. It's a bit too slushy and muddy right now for any sort of fun on the trails

Monday, November 9, 2020

Issue 189

On Friday we asked, "What's your winter thing?" and, wow, do we have a diverse TDT crowd! See the results here. If you feel inspired, you can leave a comment.

- Kirsten

Today's Poll:

Après your winter activities, what is your beverage of choice?

☕️ Hot Chocolate
🍵 Coffee/Tea
🍷 Regular or Mulled Wine
🍻 Beer
🥃 Spirits
👎 I Don't Drink Liquids

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Inspiring Outdoor Adventure Films

Rain kinda rained all last week... no offence to those who live in Vancouver/Seattle and love that sort of thing. It's a bit too slushy and muddy right now for any sort of fun on the trails. We need some freezing temps and snow!! So maybe it's time for some movies? Follow the link to an awesome article originally featured here at TDT back in the summer. (5 min Read)

Souce: The Daily Thread

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Rad Gear: Saxx "2N1" Shorts

The dudes never stop talking about how good the Saxx underwear is...Saxx this, Saxx that. What do the chicks get? Nothing. There is no Saxx equivalent, so genderish. I guess the women don't really need the patented Ballpark Pouch. Well ladies, here's something new for your man's christmas stocking: Saxx 2-in-1 lined fitness shorts. Hmmm...they seem to be running an end of year sale of most of their apparel called "for those with balls". (2 min Read)

Source: Gear Junkie, REI, Saxx

Outdoor News And Info

Celebrate National Bison Day With The Herd

Well, you probably missed it, and it's probably my fault. I should have informed you last Friday that Saturday, November 7th was National Bison Day. Well, you can raise a glass tonight while you watch the video of Bison's being released to the wild. Is a bison the same as a buffalo? (1 min Read, 30 sec Watch)

Source: National Parks Traveller

Pro Sports Are Heating Up (and not in a good way)

I know there were five TDT peeps from Friday's poll that said they don't like winter. Well, I guess global warming might be a good thing for you folks (flooding and wild fires aside). Athlete-environmentalists have been around for a while but their voices are getting louder and more urgent, especially as wildfires, avalanches, hurricanes, and other catastrophes make the climate crisis clearer... putting climbing, skiing, and surfing at risk. (4 min Read)

Source: Grist

Emily Harrington Free Climbs El Cap

Ok, I'm just going to come out with it and I'm not afraid to say it... "I'm a climbing noob". I love watching climbing and admire the athetes for their courage and skill but I don't have the desire to do it, at least not at Emily's level. Did you know that there's a difference between free climbing and free solo climbing?... I do now. Well, congrats to Emily and great recovery after your fall last year. (2 min Read)

Souce: Climbing

Best Things to do in Southern California

For those of you living in Southern California, you probably already know this list so you can just pass right by this one. For the rest of you, wanting to get out and travel and explore, here is some inspiration. Big Bear and Lake Tahoe look so good right now. (11 min Read)

Source: Be My Travel Muse

The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Dogs

Yup, our pups need to look and feel good on the trail. The doggy hiking boots and goggles are the two notable stand-outs for me. I've never had any luck keeping dog booties on but, to be honest, I have never tried dog goggles. (3 min Read)

Source: REI

Left-Over Links

The Merits of a Powder Touring Ski

Cost (and fun!) comparison: new powder kit vs resort pass?

Wolves Are Coming Back to Colorado

The votes are in and wolves are coming back.

Overland Vehicle Rental Guide

A guide to the best type of vehicle for your next road trip.

Ski Area Execs Optimistic Heading to Winter 20/21

If the summer is any indication of demand for outdoor recreation, ski areas will be very busy this upcoming season... maybe you should read The Merits of a Powder Touring Ski article above after all?

Gear Reviews

Just Your Typical Appalachian Trail Gear List

DJI Mavic Mini 2 Pocket Sized Drone

The Best Holiday Gifts for Hikers and Campers

10 Most Durable Lightweight Backpacks

Deals From The Wild

Yeti Cooler Deals (20%)

Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket (up to 30% off)

Lunch Break Videos

Matahi Drollet Getting Barreled On A Foil (that's surfing talk 🤙 🏄‍♂️) (1 min Watch)

Athletes Tear Up Inbounds Terrain At Jackson Hole (5 min watch)

Crazy Canadians (TikTok)

Live From The Wild

Marble cake with vanilla icing @tambaran2gallery

Somewhere In The Wild

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