Issue 190 - The One With The Wave Found By Google

Gang, I think we have a real problem... it seems many of our TDT community don't drink liquids...ever! How do you have the energy to read TDT?! People, to stay healthy, you must drink at least eight g

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Issue 190

Gang, I think we have a real problem... it seems many of our TDT community don't drink liquids...ever! How do you have the energy to read TDT?! People, to stay healthy, you must drink at least eight glasses of water each day, accompanied by several glasses of wine, of course. I will keep this poll going for another day to make sure everyone gets their say.

- Kirsten

Après your winter activities, what is your beverage of choice?

☕️ Hot Chocolate
🍵 Coffee/Tea
🍷 Regular or Mulled Wine
🍻 Beer
🥃 Spirits
👎 I Don't Drink Liquids

Google And The World’s Best Wave

I just realized Google Earth has been around since 2005... wow, do I feel old. Remember when Streetview came along, and it just happened to capture the craziest thing your neighbour had ever done...or was it 😜? Anyway, this is one of the cooler outdoor finds from Google Earth; it wasn't around 50 years ago and won't be around forever. (3 min Read and 17 min Watch)

Souce: Adventure Journal

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Outdoor Wildlife Photography: A Guide

As I usually do here in TDT, I will be my vulnerable self and admit... I dream of being a professional photographer when I grow up. I still have a few years, and I'm still learning but I love how this article outlines the key steps for success (Step 1 - Find the Critter 😂). Plus, it's got some great photos. You can check out my "getting better each post" Instagram @mtn.luv and, if you're a budding outdoor Instagramer, email me here, and I will feature your stuff below in "From The Wild." (3 min Read)

Source: Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor News And Info

How 18yr old Caroline Marks Surged to Surfing's Pinnacle

Very cool story, not just because she is female with two older brothers to upstage. At age eight, she received a hand-me-down surfboard, already battered by her brother Luke. “I left all his stickers on,” Marks recalls. “I felt so cool.” Now headed to the Olympics in Tokyo next year, the years in between have been a blur. (4 min Read and 7 min Watch)

Source: Sports Illustrated

Trail Tips & Tricks for the Beginner Hiker

We were all noobs on the trails at one time, and this one is a good refresher for even you AT thru-hiking completionists. Check your pack and make sure you have these ten essentials; I bet you are missing at least one. (4 min Read)

Source: The Outbound

President-Elect, Joe Biden, Environmental Saviour

Sorry non-political TDT folks, but it's hard not to address the changes coming to "outdoor" protection policies in the U.S. It appears that the Biden administration aims to be the polar opposite of the Trump administration on most issues, and especially the environment. For my Canadian TDTers, see "Canada's federal ministers see Joe Biden as ally against climate change". (6 min Read)

Souce: Grist

VF Acquires Streetwear Brand Supreme

Iconic brandsNorth Face, Smartwool, Vans, and Timberland, are joined now by Supreme Streetwear under the VF Corporation parent company for a piddly $585 Million. (3 min Read)

Source: SNEWS

The Bottom Of The News

Far Beyond Beacon, Shovel, and Probe

All the gear you should bring into the backcountry this winter.

Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act

Not a big fan of sharks, but they should be allowed to keep their fins. How else would they steer themselves?

Building A Wrangler For Someone Who Gives

An article with Jeeps, kindness, giving, and will love it.

Gear Reviews

Tepui Foothill Cartop Ten

Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler

Decathlon Quechua "2 Second" Pop Tent

Deals From The Wild

The Versa Hat Kickstarter - The hat re-invented

Lunch Break Videos

"Tokyo Rising" Trailer - If you don't follow surfing, it's coming to the Olympics for the first time (2 min Watch)

Echo Chamber - If you need a snowboard fix, watch this. (12 min watch)

Quick Extreme Offroading For You (TikTok)

Live From The Wild

Who needs a road trip about now? @seanscottphotography 

Southern Queensland Country, Australia

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