Issue 192 - The One With The Worst Tourist In The World

Outdoor tip of the day: Greg does all the time calculations so this is for him... when hiking, add 30 minutes extra for every 1,000 feet (305 m) of elevation gain to your estimated time.


Outdoor tip of the day: Greg does all the time calculations so this is for him... when hiking, add 30 minutes extra for every 1,000 feet (305 m) of elevation gain to your estimated time. Most importantly, once you’ve calculated your time, share your plan with at least one other person!

- Kirsten


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​Outsider of the Year - Michael Wardian​

Hooray for our first reader-suggested article here at TDT! Our illustrious former TDT owner/author and still current subscriber, Ryan, points us in the direction of his friend, Michael Wardian, who made the 2020 Outsiders of the Year list (He is #2, so scroll down just a little). Ryan took the above photo during Michael's FKT through the entire state of Delaware. This year, Michael adapted quickly to the COVID lifestyle by winning a virtual race called the Quarantine Backyard Ultra, which required participants to run 4.1667 miles on the hour, every hour until only one competitor this The Hunger Games?...this guy is hardcore. Thanks Ryan! (1 min - Read)

Souce: Outside Online


Source: Unsplash

​Diversity and Adventure Travel​

The past few years have seen a surge of advocacy around promoting diversity in the outdoors. Social media, such as this awesome Insta account, has played a critical role in reaching more people. As the article notes, as demographics continue to change in the U.S. (and Canada), the outdoor adventure industry must change and adapt to remain relevant. Longish but great read. (8 min Read)

Source: SNEWS

Outdoor News And Info

Best Ski Resorts Ranked - U.S. and Canada​

As always, these rankings are very subjective. Like most people, we think the best ski resort is the one closest to you. Check out #10 on the Canada list, that's were we live! (1 min Read)

Source: Gear Junkie, Snowpak


​Ice Ice Baby​

Hopefully I'm not the only one that didn't know where the South Georgia Islands are. I pictured them in the northern hemisphere but, alas, my geographic dyslexia strikes again. Anyway, there is a monster iceberg headed to destroy all the cute penguins that live there. When I say monster, I mean an iceberg 80 times the size of Manhattan. (4 min Read)

Source: Adventure Blog


​Worst Tourist in the World​

How do you become the worst tourist in the world? Well, the first step is you must trespass; that's a given. Then, you ride a snowmobile in a wilderness area, ride a dirt bike on protected grasslands, and defecate in a Colorado watershed. Most importantly, you must highlight your actions on social media so you can be arrested and charged, easy peasy. (2 min Read)

Souce: Gear Junkie


​Overlanding Love​

My criteria for an excellent Overlanding vehicle isn't the suspension, solar panel system or the tires... it's the bathroom. It must have an indoor toilet. Based on that criterion, of the four amazing adventure-ready vehicle concepts from this year's SEMA, the Earth Cruiser Terranova Camper Shell looks very promising. (4 min Read)

Source: BikeRumor!


​A Mountain Of Change​

The idea to remeasure Everest started after the 2015 earthquake seemingly altered its height. (3 min Read)

Source: ExplorersWeb

Gear Reviews

​Best Softshell Jackets Of 2021​

​Outdoor(ish) Luxury Tech Gifts​

​Lib-Tech - Snowboard Company Making Skis​

Deals From The Wild

​Women's KUHL Strattus Hiking Pants (70% off - only $26 USD)

​Men’s & Women’s, Eddie Bauer First Ascent Downlight Jacket(Up to 50% Off)

Lunch Break Videos


​The Dark Divide - Official Trailer - is based on the true story of renowned butterfly expert Dr. Robert Pyle's (David Cross) perilous 1995 journey across one of America’s largest undeveloped wildlands - now streaming on Amazon and Apple TV. (3 min Watch)


​Unravelling - To Chris Benchetler, progression represents an evolution as a professional skier, an artist, and a father.

(4 min Watch)


​10 Videos of Turkeys So Cute You’ll Want to Leave them Off Your Thanksgiving Table - #4 is pretty convincing

(many mins Watch)


Live From The Wild

"If you move slowly, they won't bite you." @emmett_sparling​

Mo’orea, French Polynesia


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