Issue 195 - The One With The Puffin in a Zoom Meeting

Outdoor tip of the day: When hiking (or snowshoeing) in the winter, dress in layers so you can adjust your clothing to suit your activity level and the weather. Avoid cotton because it can get soaked

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Current TDT Poll

Which is the scariest outdoor activity and situation?

🐻 Biking - Bear
🦈 Swimming - Shark
🐍 Hiking - Snake
🏔 Skiing - Avalanche
🌊 Surfing - Tsunami
🐐 Climbing - Goat

Results later this week.

Outdoor tip of the day: When hiking (or snowshoeing) in the winter, dress in layers so you can adjust your clothing to suit your activity level and the weather. Avoid cotton because it can get soaked and chill you, instead choose synthetics or wool styles because they wick moisture and retain warmth even when wet.

"Upcycling" Used Gear

I'm sure it's annoying, but I'm a big promoter of buying used gear if you can find what you need. Geartrade is a great place to start looking for holiday season gifts...let's make it a re-gifted holiday! Now, I'm not suggesting you wrap up an old used bike tube, leave that to Green Guru (in partnership with REI). It's their job to gather the outdoor industry’s waste stream, rummage around and look for durable, high-quality materials that can be made into new useable gear like bike panniers. This is called upcycling, the opposite of recycling, which is actually a form of downcycling...get it? got it? great! (3 min Read)

Source: REI

Cloud Zoo

Everything seems to be in the cloud these days...why not the zoo? Heck, why don't all outdoor adventures just go online...joking, everyone get outside and recreate! At least during this pandemic, you can basically have a live zoom call with all your furry friends you're missing at the zoo or in the wild. Greg's favorite is the puffins, and I like the koalas. (watch forever)

Source: Center Of Wild Range

Outdoor News

Jeep Going Green: I have to disclose my bias, I own a Jeep. Jeeps are awesome. It's definitely not the most "green" vehicle but it gets us to our outdoor adventures with no trouble. Remember the Hummer from Issue 177? Now that's green...Jeep has some work to do. Also, coming soon to an adventure near you is the Rivian. It looks like the truck that Tesla should have built. Greg says the Wrangler 4xe (hybrid version) did manage to drive through the Rubicon test trail/track in all-electric mode, so maybe there is hope. (1 min Read)

Source: The Drive

Undead Adventurer: Halloween has been over for a few weeks now but a rescued hiker died and was then brought back to life. Michael Knapinski, was rescued after being lost overnight in a snow storm on Mount Rainier. He later died in the hospital, but was brought back to life after about 45 minutes, creepy. His head then spun around three times and he crawled up the wall and onto the ceiling. The last part isn't true...or is it? (2 min Read)

Source: Seattle Times

Skiing In Kilts: Hmmm...castles, scotch, bagpipes, Loch Ness Monster – all amazing things - but add world-class skiing - Scotland becomes a super power. (4 min Read)

Source: The Guardian

Fall Car Camping Feasts: Looking for some quick & easy camping meal ideas to make on your next camping trip? Something that won’t be a ton of work, but still tastes delicious? Well, you have come to the wrong place... these may look delicious, but they sure don't look easy. What happened to hotdogs and canned beans? (2 min Read)

Source: The Dyrt

Why Do You Hike?: That's a good question. Now stop and answer the question, in your head. This isn't an official TDT quiz (hmmm, that is a good idea tho 🧐)so you don't need a pen and paper. Time to think ............................................................................okay, times up. I hike to see new places, stay fit, have adventures, and be in nature. I wish I could hike for a living....hmmm, maybe I can! (5 min Read)

Source: The Trek

More Outdoor Politics: What Does a Biden Presidency Mean for the Outdoors? (3 min Read)

Source: Backpacker

Daily Greens: New Staggering Study Estimates 13.3 Quadrillion Plastic Fibers Pollute California...that's alot of fibres. (2 min Read)

Source: One Green Planet

Gear Reviews

The 2020 Fall Guide to Perfect Women’s Hiking Pants - Kuhl

The Best Gift Ideas for 4x4 Enthusiasts - Outside Online

Rocky Talkie - Backpacker

Deals From The Wild

Superfeet Insole Holiday Sale - SuperFeet (25% off + Free Shipping)

Show us how you're a conscious hiker, and enter to win up to $200 in HOKA ONE ONE apparel and a brand new pair of TenNine Hike GTX's - Outside Online

Lunch Break Videos

Mountain Views By Drones - Not much action but breathtaking aerial footage of Cerro Torre (3 min Watch)

Captain Shredder - McKenna Peterson is a bonafide bad ass. Besides being an absolute shredder on snow, she is also Captain McKenna of her families fishing boat. Lots of action here. (5 min Watch)

Live From The Wild

Leap of faith 🙏@outdoorwomen

Skógafoss, Iceland

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