Issue 196 - The One With The $10k And The Free Bike

Outdoor tip of the day: Has your hydration pack / bladder gone a bit funky? Smelling a little bit off and not so sweet? If you catch things early enough all that’s needed is a quick rinse through with

I knew some of you were afraid of the mountain goats! Everyone get your avalanche training - Canada - US - Europe

- Kirsten

PS: Happy #NationalTakeaHikeDay! I've included a lunch break hiking video...I know it's not as exciting as skiing...more like watching reality TV.

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Outdoor tip of the day: Has your hydration pack / bladder gone a bit funky? Smelling a little bit off and not so sweet? If you catch things early enough all that’s needed is a quick rinse through with some spoonfuls of baking soda and warm water.

Want $10k And A New Mountain Bike?

The only thing I know about Bentonville (other than what I just read on the wiki) is that it's home to mega-retailer Walmart. Bentonville just staked its claim by trademarking the title 'Mountain Bike Capital of the World'. Who wouldn't want to live in the MTB capital? To qualify for the $10K and new mountain bike, you must move from outside of Arkansas to Bentonville in the next 6 months, be at least 24 years old, have 2 years work experience and have a full time "remote" job. (3 min Read)

Source: Gear Junkie

Outdoor News

Ski Hill Rentals: No, not "ski" rentals..."ski hill" rentals. Lift lines too long? Too many yahoos cutting in front of you mid-turn? It's time to step up...with 300 of your best friends, and rent out a ski hill...for 1 day. (5 min Read)

Source: Outside Online

King Of The Hill: I've been using Strava less and less and my stress level is going down and down. Early this year, Strava made some excellent changes, including moving most of the competitive data behind a pay wall that I don't pay for. Now I don't have to beat all my friends when I'm exercising (I'm highly competitive), I just have to beat myself. Anyhow, with more people turning to biking and running during the pandemic, Strava is growing fast. (1 min Read)

Source: Tech Crunch

Shoulder Season Weight Gain: Is anyone starting to pack on some winter weight now that it's a little colder and wetter? If you need to get motivated, maybe try a virtual race or competition. Here's how to get started. (6 min Read)

Source: Outside Online

How To: Winter Cycling: This probably isn't for the active cyclist that rides year round. They already know the hazards of cycling in the snow and ice. This is for the newby, who just started commuting to school or work for exercise or perhaps to help save the planet. (3 min Read)

Source: CBC

Outdoor Politics: Trump Admin Hurriedly Selling Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Leases Before Leaving Office (4 min Read)

Source: Adventure Journal

Daily Greens: Top environment official urges Canadians to back Ottawa's ambitious plans to tackle plastic trash (2 min Read)

Source: CBC

Gear Reviews

The Best Fitness Trackers of 2021 - Outside Online

A Compact Safety Device For Solo Hikes And Runs - Backpacker

Everything You Need for Snowshoeing - REI

Deals From The Wild

Outdoor Research - Women's Interseller Jacket - The Last Hunt (58% off - $167 CAD (that's Canadian $$) - Final Sale)

Men's Backcountry Mantle Climbing Pant - Backcountry (55% off)

Lunch Break Videos

Survey Winner - Since the TDT trail gang won the survey last week, let's change things up with some hiking - challenging terrain, confusing navigation, unpredictable weather, positive attitudes all the way! (13 min Watch)

Inspirational - Spectacular Rathtrevor Beach (in Parksville on Vancouver Island) at dawn. (2 min Watch)

You Go Geese! - When it comes to a showdown between Canada geese and traffic, the gaggle of geese will always win. (Tweet)

Live From The Wild​

Sailor's Delight 🌅@juliesheehan (from today's hiking video)

Oregon Coast Trail

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