Issue 197 - The One With The Suzy Chapstick Commercial

A couple of rants in this issue, I was in a ranty mood. So make sure to watch the nostalgic Suzy Chapstick video after to lighten things up. :)


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Issue 197

A couple of rants in this issue, I was in a ranty mood. So make sure to watch the nostalgic Suzy Chapstick video after to lighten things up. :)


- Kirsten


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TDT Poll:

How many times do you plan to ski or snowboard this winter season?

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Outdoor tip of the day:

Backpack sizes:

  • Short Day Hike (0 nights; <20 liters)

  • Long Day Hike (0 nights; 20-30 liters)

  • Weekend (1-3 nights; 30-50 liters)

  • Multi-day (3-5 nights; 50-80 liters)

  • Extended-trip (5+ nights; 70 liters or larger)

How COVID-19 Is Affecting The Outdoor Recreation Economy


The good news: When the pandemic started to take hold last spring, we invested in a couple of fat bikes. We got the last two in our local shop. The bike and hike shops seemed to be sold out of just about everything this summer. Despite the COVID "shut in," the outdoors seemed to be blowing up. It's great that so many people are getting outside, but now for...

The bad news: Too many freaking people on the trails, hiking and biking. It was hard to get a parking spot even at super remote trailheads. There were also some interesting scenes at these trailheads. We would emerge from the Jeep in full gear to take on a 5-hour hike up a 3000+ ft vertical, and the people next to us appear from their minivan with a cooler full of beer and 3 young kids heading up the same trail. Again, I'm glad to see everyone getting outside, but in July the BC Search And Rescue Association had their highest number of cases ever recorded. Anyway, I digress...why are we here..oh ya.. read about the effects on the Outdoor economy in 2020 compared to 2019. (2 min Read)

Source: Marketplace

Outdoor News


Shaken, Not Stirred: In tribute to the recently deceased Sean Connery, I present a tale of Bond-like intrigue and Bond-like devices. It includes such Bondesque things as Ponzi schemes, the FBI and a villain that evades capture by using an outdoor adventure device not seen since Thunderball in 1965. Don't miss it! (2 min Read)

Source: The Inertia


Two-Wheeled Tesla: I am an e-bike snob. Why do I need an e-bike to go mountain biking? I still climb hills like a mountain goat. Aren't pedal-assist bikes making the world a lazier place? Ok, rant over. Deep breath. I truly feel like anything that gets more people outside, I am in favour of. Upon reflection, maybe lunchtime rides become more interesting because you can ride farther and see trails that otherwise wouldn't have been possible in such a short time on the regular ride. Well, this BH XTEP Carbon is a good-looking eMTB, and the range is a whopping 220 km (137 miles)! (3 min Read)​

Source: Bike Rumor


Hiking Adiction: I believe this could be a thing...what's not to love about hiking: exercise, accomplishment, adventure, gear and being off the grid. This summer, we were addicted to crossing every peak off the list! We are still working on achieving this behemoth; it's not a long one, just straight up: 1900 m (6233 ft) over 5 km (3.11 miles). The author of this article asks, "Is Thru hiking an addiction?" and she answers it with some good ole down-to-earth science. It's lengthy, but maybe just scroll to the bottom and see how it ends. (14 min Read)

Source: The Trek


How To Guide: COVID Thanksgiving: Great advice on how to pull together a small "outdoors" COVID safe thanksgiving gathering. Everything from proper seating arrangements, cooking tips and even the best dessert alternative.TDT believes all Thanksgivings should be held in the outdoors, pandemic or no pandemic! (6 min Read)

Source: Outdoor Online


Outdoor Politics: USPetition: Tell Congress to Restore Protections for Tongass National Forest (2 min Read and 3 min Watch)

Source: One Green Planet


Daily Greens: In β€˜I Am Greta,’ an unlikely 15 year-old celebrity grapples with fame in a new Hulu Documentary (6 min Read)

Source: Grist


Gear Reviews


The 5 Best Gifts for Dog Owners of 2020 - Backpacker​

Ski Diva's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide - The Ski Diva​

The OneUP EDC Lite Is A Nine Function Multi-Tool That Lives In Your Bike - Bike Rumor​

Deals From The Wild


Osprey bags 25-50% off (check out the "tip of the day" for sizing) - Osprey​

2020 Black Friday Cycling Deals – All the best cycling, outdoor & gear sales - Bike Rumor​


Lunch Break Videos

Warren Miller: "Future Retro" Trailer(3 min Watch)

Nostalgic 80's Hit: Suzy Chapstick Commercials (1 min Watch)

If At First You Don't Succeed... - Rotpunkt: Bibliographie - Alex Megos climbs his hardest project yet. (16 min Watch)

Riding Wild - This is one massive front 3. @SageKotsenburg's new film #Halcyon is going to be wild. (Twitter Video)

I Love Viv - She has the best Twitter videos - this one has bears, which you all know I love to watch...but not touch 🧸. (Twitter Video)

Live From The Wild

Evaporation ponds of cobalt, @jordhammond​

Moab, Utah

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