Issue 198 - The One With The Switzerland Easter Eggs

Watch for the 2 Switzerland easter eggs. First 5 people to email them to me each get an entry into the $50 Patagonia gift card monthly giveaway. Before you say anything, I know there are too many emo

Friday, November 20, 2020

Issue 198

Watch for the 2 Switzerland easter eggs. First 5 people to email them to me each get an entry into the $50 Patagonia gift card monthly giveaway.

Before you say anything, I know there are too many emojis in this issue...I was just in that kind of mood.

- Kirsten

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TDT Poll:

How many times do you plan to ski or snowboard this winter season?

👎 0 times
🎿 1 - 3 times
🚡 4 - 10 times
🏂 10 - 15 times
⛷ 15+ times

Results on Monday!

Outdoor tip of the day: How to tie a bowline knot, the most important camping knot. The bowline knot forms a quick and easy fixed loop which has the benefit of also being easy to untie. Perfect for tent stake loops, or the tie-in loop of your bear bag line.

"The rabbit comes out of the hole, around the tree, and back in the hole."

Detailed graphic instructions here.

Jeff Bezos To Save Our Outdoors

The Story: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos donates $791 million to 16 organizations fighting climate change. You can check out his Instagram post and the details of the organizations in question.

The Good: They are definitely moving in the right direction. 8700 Amazon employees have signed a petition to move their business away from fossil fuels and into renewable energies. Seems like a lot of peeps, but it's really only 0.8% of their massive global workforce. However, Jeff must have noticed because, that same week, he announced that Amazon would be carbon neutral by 2040 and have 100% renewable power reliance by 2030. More recently, Jeff said he was donating 10% of his net worth to climate change...which is $10 billion with a big ole "B". The most significant gift includes $100 million to the World Wildlife that is awesome for our furry outdoor friends!

The Bad: These moves all seem good on the surface, but Amazon is one of the worst offenders for harming the environment and the outdoor places we like to adventure. Amazon's carbon footprint is larger than that of the nation of Switzerland (We have a TDT subscriber there - Paul). It's not just the emissions from transporting all the goods; it's the over-consumption culture that has been created. According to a recent investigative report by Marketplace, of the 12 items returned, it appears only four were resold...the rest went to the landfill.

The Down Low: I shop on Amazon all the time. I try to buy local when I can, but some things just aren't available in a small town. I feel guilty. I will do better in 2021. Let all try to buy much less new stuff, and buy better used stuff.

Sources: Forbes, The Verge, USA Today, Slashdot

Outdoor News

e-Harley : In a previous issue we told you Harley-Davidson was moving into the outdoor industry with a line of e-bikes. Well, they're here and they look ok, but nothing like the red beauty BH XTEP Carbon from yesterday. The name of the first round of e-bikes is called Serial 1 after the orginal Harley. Apparently, the first ever Harley-Davidson motorcycle was essentially a motor shoved into a bicycle frame...I couldn't resist showing a little picture of it below. Lovin' the white rubber! (2 min Read)

Source: Bike Rumor

COVID Adventure Travelling: Who would like to get away this winter?😃...who thinks wide spread travel will be possible? 😫. What if you grabbed your 'pod' of COVID peeps and went together to the backcountry?🥳 Outside Online says it's possible and they've listed their favs in the U.S. For our adventurers on the west coast of Canada, like me, check this out. (5 min Read)

Source: Outside Online, Backcountry Lodges Of BC

$3M Private Skiing: When we lived back in Ontario, almost a decade and a half ago, it was common to belong to a private ski club. I grew up skiing at a small private club called The Caledon Ski Club. Ah, the leg burn from that 500 ft of vertical and the long lines at the tow rope 😂. Anyway, there's a private ski club in Colorado charging $3 million a year for membership, and they are selling...yikes! (1 min Read)

Source: Unofficial Networks

Breaking The 30 min VK: Usually we're talking horizontal running and breaking the 10k, in my case, in 60 minutes. Apparently, outdoor adventurous running folks like to run up mountains, so the new thing is: how fast and how high. (9 min Watch)

Source: Solomon TV

How To: Choosing the right water bottle: Wow, this dude knows his water bottles! However, he did miss the sustainability discussion on material choice...I know, I know, keep that green sh*t to yourself...I get it, but don't miss the Daily Greens below, especially if you eat fish soup 😉. (5 min Read)

Source: Outdoor Online

Outdoor Politics: Today the Canadian feds introduced legislation that would cement their net zero target into law and set legally binding five-year targets on the way to 2050! 🇨🇦👏(Twitter Feed)

Source: @AnnaKanduth

Daily Greens: Animal Products That Cause Most Deaths Per Serving [the results in this one will surprise you] (4 min Read)

Source: One Green Planet

Gear Reviews

GOAT BOXCO Disrupts Cooler Industry with Launch of High-Performance Food and Gear Storage - SNEWS

Osprey Talon 33 Backpack Review (25% off right now at Osprey) - Section Hiker

Holiday Gift Guide 2020 - The Outbound

Deals From The Wild

Merrell Holiday Boot Sale - Merrell (40% 0ff)

Western Rise - Evolution Pants - (On Gear Junkie's Best List) - Western Rise (25% off)

Lunch Break Videos

Tuck and Tumble: Top 10 ski crashes(3 min Watch)

Aches And Pains: Kinda makes me wanna learn to Kiteboard (okay, not really, but super cool to watch!). Action starts at min 3 (8 min Watch)

Mini Tsunami 😳(TikToK)

Bears In The Backyard 🥰(TikToK)

Live From The Wild

Do you see the smile? @iso100_photography

Hooker Lake in Aoraki National Park, NZ

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