Issue 199 - The One With The Whoop

I spiced up the logo in tribute to our peeps in the U.S. celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Issue #200 tomorrow...woot!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Issue 199

I spiced up the logo in tribute to our peeps in the U.S. celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Issue #200 tomorrow...woot!

- Kirsten

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How many times will you ski/snowboard this year?

Outdoor tip of the day: The size of the first-aid kit you carry on your awesome outdoor adventure depends on many factors: the number of people, whether there are children, distance, and anticipated danger level...#teddybear or #tsunami? Before you go, check to ensure the kit is restocked and nothing has expired...although most items can be expired and will definitely still work. Items to always include in your first-aid kit are: latex gloves, bandage, scissors, blister dressings, pocket mask and SAM splint. See this post for a super complete list.

Outdoor Adventure Gear For Your Face

It seems our outdoor industry folks have quickly become some of the best mask makers makes sense, masks are just outdoor adventure gear...unfortunately, the adventure is a global pandemic. I have nothing but love for our friends at AJ and I would take their recommendations on any type of gear, especially COVID gear. I like the look of the Cotopaxi mask the best but intrigued by the Skida for outdoor activities. (3 min Read)

Sources: Adventure Journal

RAD Gear: Whoop

What is it: The Whoop band is an activity tracker for "people who subscribe to the theory that what gets measured gets managed". It isn’t a watch, just a wrist band that tracks and quantifies your sleep, stress, activity, and training.

What makes it good: This latest version features 5 days of battery life...that's 4 more days than my Apple watch! It has the ability to broadcast heart rate data to BLE-compatible devices such as bike computers and apps.

What makes it great: The Whoop strap combines all of your data into its app and generates a recovery score that’s easy to understand so you know how hard to push and maybe when to just chill.

Why do I want it: I could wear a nice normal watch on my left wrist and wear this band on the other (you can also wear it on your arm). This would be great since I have many nice watches that haven't left the drawer in years because I have to close my Apple circles!

Cost: The band comes free with a 6 month membership of $30/month (Get)

Outdoor News

Powder To The People : Way back in Issue 164 I talked about the Death of Print Media and now we have come to the last ever issue of Powder Magazine. One final thought from Hans Ludwig, The Jaded Local:

Now, as in 1972, there are greedy and weak people: the corporate scumbags who don’t even ski, the developers destroying America’s ski towns, and the for-profit narcissists of Instagram—anyone who wants to make skiing (and life) all about money. Fuck them. We will crush them beneath the 150-flex plug boot of Joyful Ski Weirdness and sweep the pathetic remains into a crevasse or bergschrund so deep that no one will remember their shameful existence. (2 min Read)

Source: Powder

Park 'n Camp: I've been talking a lot about how different this ski season will tailgating parties in the resort parking lots should liven things up. One thing to note is that resort accomodations may also be limited and restricted. Check out this list of resorts where you can park your RV, van or Jeep with RTT and just glamp it for the night. The only one on the list I've been to is Whitefish...very fun town! (5 min Read)

Source: Outside Online

Rear Entry...Boots: Some of you young'uns won't remember back in the 80's, when you didn't have to pull and tug and sweat to put your ski boots on. Just like Iron Man's suit, you just stepped into the boots. Well, they're back! (20 sec watch and Get)

Source: Nordica

Gatekeeping: So much pressure nowadays to not reveal the location of your amazing adventure shown in your instagram photo...why? Don't we want everyone to experience these amazing places? TDT exists to help get everyone outside into kick ass adventures...we will teach and train such that all these amazing places continue to stay accessible and beautiful. So I say, down with gatekeeping. Check out the debate in detail. (4 min Read)

Source: PMags

How To: Keep your gear organized:Yes, more organization porn. Check out how to use this Gridwall system to keep your gear organized and you don't forget your flashlight or your boots ;) (2 min Read)

Source: The Outbound

Outdoor Politics: Why the 2020 US election was a great one for animals (4 min Read)

Source: One Green Planet

Daily Greens: Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan (7 min Read)

Source: BBC

Gear Reviews

The 10 Best Adventure Travel Gifts of 2021 - Backpacker

Share Your Adventures With The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator - 50 Campfires

The Solar Charged Puffer Jacket - Vollebak

Deals From The Wild

Giro Manifest Mountain Bike Helmet Giveaway - Gear Junkie

Camelbak - Save 25% off all bottles. Use code HOLIDAY25. Ends 12/1/2020.

Lunch Break Videos

Dizzying POV: Bobby Brown shreds the Tetons(5 min Watch)

Fishy Situation: Swimmer encounters Great White Shark -Rule #1 Never swim towards the shark! (2 min Watch)

Defenders Of The Faith: The new 2020 Defender vs. the classic Defender (7 min Watch)

Live From The Wild

Do you see the third one? @mountainman_miller

Mount Jimmy Simpson, Alberta

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